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Choosing to pursue a master's program in Internet of Things (IoT) stems from my profound interest in the future developments of the technology sector and thoughtful consideration of my personal career planning. IoT is not merely a technology for connecting physical devices; it is an innovative field that powerfully transforms our lives and work.

This master's program has far exceeded my expectations, with its in-depth and extensive curriculum. The professors possess profound insights into the cutting-edge technologies and trends of IoT, and the practical projects and case studies provide robust support for the real-world application of theoretical knowledge, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entirety of IoT.

As a master's student in IoT, what I enjoy most is delving into research and individual assignments. The practical teaching in the course has elevated my skill set and cultivated my ability to tackle problems independently. Particularly in courses such as wireless communication and digital signal processing, I have gained a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and core technologies of IoT.

One of my favourite modules is "Wireless/Mobile Communications." This course not only deepened my understanding of the basic principles and technologies of wireless communication but also broadened my perspective, enabling me to comprehensively grasp the operational mechanisms of digital communication systems. In this course, I acquired knowledge about modulation/demodulation, channel coding, wireless transmission protocols, laying a solid foundation for my in-depth research and practical work in the field of wireless communication.

Pursuing this program has positively impacted my career development. It not only deepened my expertise but also allowed me to connect with professionals in the industry through practical projects, laying a solid foundation for finding an ideal career in the field of IoT in the future.

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