Sinead Mooney

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"I chose Communication Studies because I knew I had a broad range of interest in all things media."

Tell us why you chose this undergraduate degree 

I chose Communication Studies because I knew I had a broad range of interest in all things media, and I was drawn to how this course gives you the chance to learn a little bit of everything in the area I'm interested in. I also loved that the classes included a mix of both theoretical and practical (photography/audio/video) content!

What are the highlights of your undergraduate experience at DCU?

Honestly, the whole thing has been a highlight! Some of my favourite moments have been getting to be a class representative on the Students' Union, participating in the Media Production Society's 24 Hour Charity Broadcast every year and co-hosting a weekly radio show on the DCUfm radio station, getting to both direct and act in shows as part of the Drama Society, and helping organise events as part of the Feminist Society committee.

What are your career plans or hopes?

I'm hoping to potentially work in TV production as a researcher or production assistant! I'll be doing some work as a runner in RTÉ Sport over this summer, so hopefully that's just the start of it.

Have you any advice for incoming students? 

My biggest piece of advice would be to get involved with everything you're even potentially interested in- and most of all, definitely join clubs and societies! I've gotten so much priceless experience and gained friends for life through being involved in societies in DCU, it really helped me blossom from a shy person to being much more confident and outgoing. The thing that makes DCU the best college in my opinion is the wonderful people and sense of community here, so don't hesitate to get stuck in.

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