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Patrick Flood and Brian Harney elected Academic Fellows of Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM)

20th April 2010

Professor Patrick Flood and Dr Brian Harney of DCU Business School have been elected Academic Fellows of the Centre for International Human Resource Management (CIHRM), University of Cambridge.

CIHRM brings together companies and researchers to learn about state-of-the art research findings and innovative advances in practice. The Centre's partnership approach provides a forum for intellectual thought-leaders throughout the world to collaborate and shape relevant and rigorous research agendas.

CIHRM brings together the best researchers in HR to develop a major source of insight into leading issues in the field. Its research is informed by the interests of our partnering organisations to ensure relevance and impact.

Far more questions than answers exist regarding the culturally contingent aspects of HR. The major goal of the Centre is to develop empirically based theory to describe, understand, and predict the impact of HR variables on employee behaviour, organisational processes and the effectiveness of these processes.

Research approach is multidisciplinary, linking HR to other fields of inquiry to ensure a holistic picture of HR activity and effectiveness is developed. Staff at the Centre also endeavour to integrate societal, organisational and individual levels of analysis.

Knowledge Sharing
Central to the Centre's aim is the establishment of a strong culture of networking and knowledge sharing in the field of HR drawing on the collaboration between academics and leading businesses. CIHRM hosts each year a number of seminars delivered by high profile thought leaders in the HR field from both practice and academia. CIHRM also facilitates a number of senior executive round tables in which key issues of consequence to the HR profession and business research are discussed. These events will allow members to address key issues and share experience on current practice, and review the latest research, in addition to setting the forward agenda.

Patrick Flood is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Dublin City University, Head of the HRM Group and a Deputy Director of the LINK Research Centre. Patrick's main research interest are in the areas of CEO leadership and team effectiveness, HRM and organisational performance, and hospital effectiveness.

Brian Harney is Lecturer in HRM at DCU Business School and a member of the LInK research centre. His principal research interests are HRM in smaller firms, High performance work systems, university technology transfer, and strategic management.