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Graduated Research Students

Name Award Thesis Title Year of Graduation
Phil Mulvaney PhD Sectoral Systems of Innovation: New Perspectives on Technological Innovation and Industrial Transformation in a Declining Industry 2004
James C Ryan PhD An Examination of the Role of Scientists Motivations and the Influence of the Organisational Environment on Scientific Research Effectiveness 2004
Adrian Fernandes Master An Examination of Non-National Nurses' Perceptions of Perceived Discrimination, Workload and Management Approach and their Impact on Job Satisfaction. 2004
Denis Kan Master An Appraisal of the New International Financial Architecture with Applications to South East Asian Countries 2004
Richard Redmond PhD Quality Service and Quality Nursing Care for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Living in Residential Centres in the Republic of Ireland 2005
Sharon Ryan PhD An Investigation of the Acquisition and Sharing of Tacit Knowledge in Software Development Teams 2005
Wayne Dignam Master Evaluation of Proposals for Change in Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Companies 2005
Mary Ann Breen PhD Contextualising Construals of Workaholism through Discourse Analysis 2006
Mark Hutchinson PhD Covertible Arbitrage: Risk, Return and Performance 2006
Helen Keely McGrath PhD Industrial Clusters in Local and Regional Economies: A Post Porter Approach to the Identification and Evaluation of Clusters in North Dublin 2006
Brian Gerard O'Kelly PhD The Valuation of Collateralised Debt Obligations - multi-period modelling in a risk-neutral framework 2006
Colm Anthony Devine Master An Investigation into the Role of Consumer Behaviour on the Acculturation of Ethnic Subcultures in the Irish Marketplace 2006
Orla Feeney Master Management Perspectives On The Role Of The Management Accountant As An Information Provider. 2006
Afra Sajjad PhD Reporting Customer Satisfaction in the Annual Reports 2007