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PJ Byrne

P.J. ByrneName: Dr P.J. Byrne
Phone Number: 6879
Room Number: Q137
Email Address:

Academic and Professional Qualifications: Ph.D. in Engineering
B.Eng. (Production Engineering)
Nat. Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering

P.J. Byrne is a Lecturer of Operations/Supply Chain Management in Dublin City University Business School. Prior to this he worked for four years as a Senior Research Fellow in the Enterprise Research Centre in the University of Limerick. During this time he obtained research funding for a number of different research projects. This included funding from national, international and industrial sources.

P.J. has a B.Eng. degree in Production Engineering, from the Manufacturing and Operations Engineering department in the University of Limerick. He has also received a Ph.D. from the same university in the area of supply chain simulation. His research interests are supply chain design, analysis and optimisation; environmental impacts of supply chain construction; company outsourcing, decision-making and costing; and simulation applications in the semiconductor industry.

Teaching Areas: Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Strategy
Operations Management
Business Modelling & Process Innovation
Research Interests:

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Selected Publications: Peter J. Byrne, P. Liston & C.Heavey. 2008. Discrete-event simulation for evaluating virtual organisations, International Journal Of Production Research, 46, 5, pp1335-1356.

Peter J Byrne, Liston, P. and Heavey, C. 2008. Supply Chain Design – In An Outsourcing World. Supply Chain Management and Knowledge Management - Integrating Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice, Springer

Peter J. Byrne, P. Liston & C. Heavey. 2007. An Evaluation of Simulation to Support Contract Costing, Computers and Operations Research. Computers & Operations Research, 34, 12, pp3652-3665.

Peter J. Byrne, P. Liston, C. Heavey & J. Byrne. 2007. Contract costing in outsourcing enterprises: Exploring the benefits of discrete-event simulation. International Journal Of Production Economics, 110, 1-2, pp97-114.

Peter J. Byrne & C. Heavey. 2006. The Impact of Information Sharing and Forecasting in Capacitated Industrial Supply Chains: A Case Study. International Journal Of Production Economics, 103, 1, pp420-437.