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Academic biography

Ph.D in Social and Experimental Psychology from the University Grenoble-Alpes, France, my researches are focusing on understanding psycho-physiological responses ‘in the wild’. With Anna Tcherkassof in Grenoble, I have contributed to develop the DynEmo database by recording and assessing dynamic and spontaneous facial expressions of emotions.

Whereas my thesis aimed to evaluate Emotional User eXperience of innovative technologies and designs for the company Ixiade (, I have collaborated with Queen’s University and Sensum Ltd ( to analyse emotions with physiological sensors and automatic facial expression recognition. I also worked at University College Dublin’s Insight Centre for Data Analytics in order to process and understand physiological measurements from marathon runners.

Now Assistant Professor of Business Research Methods at Dublin City University, my domain of expertise relies in multivariate time series analysis and trend extraction for supervised or unsupervised machine learning classification.

Research interests

EmotionStatisticsFacial ExpressionsWearable DevicesPhysiologyHuman Computer Interactions