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About DELI

DELI is the prime hub for research and scientific collaboration in the field of European Union (EU) law and policy at DCU. DELI brings together a team of more than 20 international scholars, from a half dozen EU member states and beyond, led by Prof. Federico Fabbrini, and working on a plurality of issues in EU and international affairs.

In particular, DELI focuses on 4 core thematic areas, namely: 1) Institutional affairs: including EU governance and integration, defense, EU enlargement and withdrawal; 2) Law & Technology: including privacy and data protection, artificial intelligence and innovation, and the green transition; 3) Economic affairs: including trade and industrial policies, banking and sustainable finance, and competition law; 4) Human rights & the rule of law: including fundamental rights and non-discrimination, migration and democratic backsliding.

Building on the success of the Brexit Institute, DELI houses a growing number of externally funded research projects, produces cutting edge scholarship, and regularly organizes high level events. As such this DELI offers food for thoughts for academics, public officials, business leaders and civil society at large!