DCU Principles of International Partnership

International partnerships are essential for DCU’s strategic ambition to advance knowledge and technological innovation and build impactful relationships that are fundamental to the University’s mission to transform lives and societies.

The following guiding Principles of International Partnership are intended to ensure that our international partnerships are aligned with DCU’s core values and enhance our reputation for excellence in research and education.  The principles must be applied by all university staff when considering new, or expanding existing, international partnerships.

  • Partnerships must be aligned to the University’s mission and core values 
  • Partnerships must be with institutions of a high calibre and reputation
  • Partner institutions must be financially and operationally viable
  • Partner institutions must have demonstrable high status in global rankings, relevant accreditations and associations
  • Partner institutions must value student experience and wellbeing and have the requisite support infrastructures to facilitate the same
  • Partner institutions must be committed to conducting research to the highest possible ethical standards
  • Partner institutions must advocate for equality, diversity and social inclusion for staff and students and this must be reflected in their organisational structures and policies. 
  • Partner institutions must share our commitment to the principles of freedom of speech and academic freedom for students, researchers and academic members of staff.  Students and staff, whether from DCU, or the partner institution, must at all times observe the norms of respect and dignity.