Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

DCU sets out its vision as the University of Enterprise

View the DCU Strategic Plan 2017-2022 here.

Download the DCU Strategic Plan 2017-2022 here.

The new Strategic Plan outlines specific activities to achieve the following goals:

  1. Provide a transformative student experience - Our commitment to our students is that we will prepare them well to flourish in the world outside the university: in their personal lives, in civic society, and in the rapidly evolving workplace.
  2. Advance our reputation for world-class research - Such is the nature and complexity of the major research challenges facing the world that international collaboration is essential in order to make significant and sustained advances.
  3. Sustain our ambitions through income generation - We will develop a non-exchequer Income Generation Plan in collaboration with Faculties and Units of the University as well as the DCU Commercial Group of companies.
  4.  Ensure a coherent, connected university - Central to this goal is the creation of a coherent, integrated, multi-campus University, ‘One DCU.’
  5. Value and develop our staff community - Recognising the considerable increase in our scale and complexity of operations across multiple campuses, the issues of recruitment, retention, and succession planning assume even greater importance.
  6. Develop a global university - As part of our commitment to developing talented graduates that can flourish worldwide, we will introduce new opportunities for students to have a global experience during their undergraduate degree.
  7. Nurture creativity and culture across the university - We will promote the exploration of possibilities arising at the intersections of the creative arts and technological innovation.
  8. Place sustainability at the core of the university - It reflects not only our commitment to play our part as a responsible organisation but also our realisation of the messages we can convey as an exemplar organisation to both our students and society around us.
  9. Pursue active engagement with our communities - We are, and always have been, a highly engaged university, the very antithesis of the ‘Ivory Tower University.’