Create21 Seminar Series 2017

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Create21 Seminar Series 2017

Thursday 16 March at 1pm: Ă“rla Ni Bhroin and Fiona King,


Professional Development and Teachers’ Understanding of the Individual Education Plan Process


Thursday 30th March at 1pm: Susan Pike,


Agency, Participation and Action: Student Teachers' Journeys as Geography, Environmental and Outdoor (GEO) Educators


Thursday 6 April at 1pm: Paula Murphy,

Embodiment in Teacher Education: A Qualitative Study


Thursday 27th April at 1pm: Elaine McDonald and Enda Donlon,


Being and Belonging: Student-Teachers' Contextual Engagement in their Post-Primary Placement Schools


Public Lecture - Tuesday 2nd May at 6.30pm: Dr. Anne Looney,


Teaching Through The Looking Glass: Teacher Identity in Uncertain Times