Italian Food and Culture week

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 Italian Food and Culture week

As many of you already know, the DCU Languaculture Space (Glasnevin Campus - Henry Grattan Building - CG08c) offers regular language/culture classes and events, organised by International and Irish students, where DCU  students and staff can practise their foreign language skills, learn to converse in new languages and find out about other cultures. If interested in finding out more and attending events, please visit our Facebook page for details:

From the 23rd to the 29th of March, the DCU Languaculture Space is offering a pilot series of 5 classes about Italian food and culture.  During these classes, participants will learn about and taste some of Italy's iconic specialities. 

Class dates and topics are as follows:

23rd 5pm: Italian food, region by region
24th 5pm: Coffee and recipes
27th 5pm: Italian desserts
28th 5pm: Speak with your hands! Italian gestures
29th 5pm: Taste & learn: recipes from Italy

Classes are free and everyone is welcome, but as places are limited to 20 so please come in time to secure yourself a place!

A presto!