Why is Ireland Excelling in IoT?

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DCU Alpha has partnered with Irish Tech News to host a one-day IoT event on May 30th to highlight IoT innovation taking place in Ireland. Winners of the Irish Tech News IoT Awards 2017 will also be announced on the day.

This event will bring together the leading innovators and thought leaders in IoT to share insights and the latest exciting developments in this space.

The organisers are currently curating a series of panels to ensure they have all the right people in the room, and that the important topics are covered. Below is a working list of topics, if you have someone in mind that might bring additional insights, or you wish to suggest another aspect that should be looked at then drop Irish Tech News a line at simon@irishtechnews.ie

  • IoT Start up voices, insights from the start-up coalface
  • IoT Acceleration/Incubation, how to scale up and grow your IoT businesses
  • Indigenous SME IoT success stories, insights from those who are nailing it
  • IoT and home automation, what is coming in the next 3 to 5 years
  • Why should I care if my coffee pot can talk to my toaster? The importance of good IoT story telling
  • IoT and what it can do for rural areas, showcasing some of the best Irish examples to date
  • Corporate/MNC IoT innovation, exciting examples and success stories
  • Academic IoT research and Municipal IoT test beds (e.g. Smart Croke Park, Smart Dublin projects), cutting edge insights from lessons already learned
  • IoT and the future of work, what will it mean for you?
  • IoT 2027, what the future will look like?