Professionalism across the Professions

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The Education Centre, Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin
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Academic and Business Leaders
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Professionalism across the Professions

Aim and Objectives

In a new era of “alternative facts”, public scandals and an increased distrust of traditional symbols of authority, it is not hard to justify a renewed focus on the value of Professionalism in our society.  While few would argue the need to be “professional” in one’s work, the concept itself is not well understood either conceptually or methodologically.  Professionalism is pivotal to the relationship between the public and the professional, but there are a variety of diverse perspectives for interpreting what professionalism means in practice.  Through this Forum, “Professionalism across the Professions”, we aim to explore the attitudes, behaviours, and characteristics that contribute to the concept of Professionalism in our society.

Topics and Issues Covered

  • What does it mean to be a “Professional” in today’s society?
  • Does being a professional lawyer mean something different to being a professional doctor, nurse, carer, accountant or public servant?
  • How does an academic (teacher or researcher) understand professionalism?
  • Are there common threads tying concepts of professionalism across these and other sectors in our society?

Who should attend?

3U Partnership and the Law Society of Ireland recognize that all professions, not only the legal, medical and academic professions, are expected by a multitude of stakeholders to consistently demonstrate "professional behaviour” throughout their working life.  Whilst this Forum will focus on the medical, legal and academic sectors, it will be of interest to participants from any professional sector.