WEBINAR: Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems

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WEBINAR: Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems

This Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems is a Springboard+ course that prepares graduates to meet the changing world of sustainability and the growing global challenge of transitioning to zero carbon while at the same time adapting sustainable energy systems that is environmentally sound, reliable and affordable. This course will provide engineering graduates with the skills to develop as a professional engineer with knowledge & competence in:

  • Energy, Sustainability and Environmental policy and compliance 
  • Climate Change & Decarbonisation strategies 
  • Energy audits, carbon foot printing, carbon budgets and economics 
  • Energy system instrumentation, integration and measurement 
  • Advanced energy systems, transport, energy vectors, and emerging renewable energy technologies, energy modelling and analysis. 

Join the Live Webinar on August 11th at 2pm to learn about course content and to clarify any questions that you may have.