The DCU Exoskeleton programme is collaborating with key academic and industry partners to enhance its research network and ensure the best application of robotic technologies for service users.

DCU Office of the Chief Operations Officer(COO)

The COO’s office was instrumental in bringing exoskeleton technology to DCU and setting up the service and maintains continued oversight of the service ensuring effective integration into the research activities of the university.

DCU School of health and human performance

The DCU School of Health and Human Performance (SHHP) currently hosts the DCU exoskeleton programme in House 19. It is the most natural fit for research collaborations with the exoskeleton service given the school’s extensive research being conducted into the psychology, physiology and biomechanics of sports and exercise that can be applied to the neurologically impaired population.

Mark Pollock - Explorer, Speaker & Collaboration Catalyst

Everything Mark Pollock does is about inspiring people to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible. He focuses on bringing people together to solve complex problems and is a pioneer in combining exoskeleton technology with trans-cutaneous spinal stimulation. Alongside a full-time team of solution seekers, a panel of thought partners and a network of hundreds, Mark’s mission is to cure paralysis in our lifetime.


Accuscience are the distributor of Eksobionics exoskeleton and other rehabilitation technologies in Ireland as well as other areas in the medical device sector. They provide ongoing technical support to the service and more importantly a conduit to the European research partners.