“My name is John Byrne and I have a very rare neurological autoimmune illness. I use a wheelchair most days and 2 walking sticks for walking around the house. As a result of the illness I have a considerable amount of tone in my legs. I find that by using the Exoskeleton my tone is reduced afterwards. Other benefits of using the Exoskeleton are the positive mental aspects of walking plus the burning of some additional calories. I go to the gym 3/4 times a week and I find that the Exoskeleton complements my gym work.”

John - DCU Exoskeleton Programme Service User


“My wife, who has secondary progressive MS, has been working with the service since the start of the DCU Exoskeleton programme in March 2019. It is surprising the liberation that comes with walking “properly” again, even if it is with the support of the Ekso suit. It holds out the hope for us that Susan (my wife) can retrain her muscles to some day walk unassisted again. In the shorter term the Ekso suit provides exercise and muscle usage that would otherwise be impossible for Susan. The exoskeleton Programme’s team have a friendly approach, backed by years of experience, providing a service that we would definitely recommend for others with chronic mobility problems.”

Colm - Husband of Service User