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Purchasing FAQ / Forms

 Agresso System 

Agresso is the purchasing system used in DCU. It is intended for use by DCU staff and other authorized personnel familiar with the University's purchasing procedures. 

Within the purchasing system, users are able to raise sales orders, requisition, run budget reports and pay for commitments to suppliers.

To access Agresso, Purchase Administrator (PA) needs to submit web request using - New User Form. Then user will receive an email with a link to the web portal. 

Agresso Web Login can be found under this link .

To submit an Agresso query or an Agresso form, please do so using our new Ticketing System, which can be accessed through the Finance Systems Helpdesk icon on the main Finance webpage
The Knowledgebase is also available to all logged in to the DCU network users, where the type-ahead function can be used to search for relevant information. 

General Questions & Answers

How do I get access/activate account with DCU Agresso Purchasing System?

The Purchase Administrator (buyer) in your department/area needs to submit a web form request with all the relevant details to Finance Systems. When this is completed your account will be created within 2/3 working days, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and purchasing administrator.

How do I login to Agresso Purchasing System?

When new user receives confirmation from Finance Systems team, user can login to system by clicking on this link: https://agresso.dcu.ie/agresso/Login/Login.aspx Please be advised Google Chrome browser is compatible with Agresso.Your login details are your DCU network user name and password provided by ISS team. The Domain field needs to be populated with AD. Further information and help guides are available under this link

I'm a new user, is there a introduction video of the Agresso system? 

For video introduction, tips and hints please click here 

Does the system work from home?

Yes, first you will require access to the University's network. You will require a VPN connection available from ISS staff helpdesk in order to access the University network first. 

How is the financial year calculated on Agresso?

The University financial year runs from the 1st October to the 31st of September. Further information and help guides are available under this link

What is a requisition?

A requisition is a request for goods or services, which approved by the purchase administrator (buyer) is converted to a Purchase Order, and is then emailed to requisitioner and the buyer to be provided to relevant supplier as a binding contract.

What I need to Know before I begin a requisition? 

Subcost Centre, Product Code,The supplier ID for the company you are ordering from,Full item name and description - please do not enter abbreviations or acronyms,Catalogue or part code,Unit price,Quantity 

What is a Subcost Centre?

Each researcher has a funded research account that is called a Subcost Centre. You will receive this Subcost Centre from your supervisor. Each Subcost Centre is denoted in the form of 1 letter with 5 numerical digits e.g. D*, P*, S* - P is for Projects, S is for Self-Funded, D is for School Accounts. User must have a valid (active for purchasing) Subcost centre to debit it, when placing an order on the Agresso purchasing system. Notes how to enter a requisition can be found under FAQ section. 

What is a Product Code/Charge Account?

A product code is it the category of goods or services purchased from research account. Users are able to search for relevant product/service code by name. It is very important to use the correct product code when purchasing, as any purchase will be reflected correctly or not under month/year reporting processes. Therefore it is important that you specify the correct product code when submitting a requisition.

Why my requisition was rejected?

Purchasing/Asset administrator or interventionist rejected your requisition with comment, please see how to review details/reason of rejected requisition by clicking on this link to FAQ section.

 What is the difference between a requisition number and a purchase order number?

A requisition number is generated when a requisition has been saved and the number range begins with 200.  When a requisition is approved, a purchase order number will be assigned with a number range beginning with 300. A requisition is akin to an internal request, and once it is completed it changes to a Purchase Order which document is sent to suppliers, the order number must be quoted on invoices in order for supplier to get paid.

How do I generate a requisition?

To generate a requisition user must be set up within Agresso system for purchasing with requisitioner access. Notes how to generate a requisition can be found under FAQ section. How do I generate a requisition for flights? Requisitioner should use Club Travel (ID 10476) as a supplier when booking flights, using ETR system via purchasing administrator in their area. Once details are chosen, user needs to create two lines: 1. Flight costs,  2. Service charge fee which is liable for VAT, using product code 60117 (Club Travel - Service charge) The value is outlined on the quote provided by Club travel. If this is omitted by requisitioner the Purchasing administrator (buyer) has the ability to reject or to add the line at approval stage of requisition. 

How do I check the workflow status of a requisition?

You can check the workflow of a requisition, i.e. see who must approve it or when it has been approved, by going to Workflow Enquiry Requisitions under Procurement folder.  Type in the requisition number in the appropriate column and click search, see our FAQ section for more detailed information.

How do I add line for additional item or delivery charge to a requisition?

Users can add multiple lines to a requisition. Delivery charge should be entered as a separate charge. Notes how to enter additional line under a requisition can be found under FAQ section.

 How do I amend a requisition?

A requisition goes for approval to purchasing administrator/buyer or the budget-holder who can then reject the requisition to be amended. Once a requisition has been approved it cannot be amended. Further information and help guides are available under this link

 How do I enter the price including/excluding vat charge?

When generating requisition, users always should enter net value/amount, as Agresso system will apply relevant VAT rules depending on supplier and product account used. In case where PO need to be amended with other than applied VAT values, please contact with the purchasing administrator in your area to take action. 

What is the DCU VAT number? 

Dublin City University VAT number is IE6517957E.

Can I approve my own requisitions?

No, for financial auditing purposes you cannot approve your own requisition, even if you are setup to deputise for the Cost Centre approver, a clear division of duties is required in this instance.

What is the procedure if I need to requisition from a subcost centre or project to which I do not have access?

Relevant purchasing administrator/buyer must submit a web form requesting the access on your behalf for the budget access.

The supplier I wish to use is not on Agresso, can it be added to the system?

The supplier must be submitted by purchasing administrator/buyer via Agresso web set up, upon being check if not already in the system. When submitted new supplier requests are maintained by the Accounts Payable section, and questions re approval, details must be directed to them in first instance via e-mail at accounts.payable@dcu.ie

 Can I divide the costs of a purchase order between two or more subcost centre?

Yes. When you create a requisition you can divide the costs by selecting the item ‘split row’ under the GL Analysis on the Requisition entry screen and then input the cost centre/project codes and amount as required, see our FAQ section for more detailed information. Please make sure, the subcost centre is set up with the same purchasing administrator/buyer, as it will not work otherwise.

 How long does it take before I get a copy of the PO emailed to me?

Once a Purchase Order has been generated it will be emailed directly to the requisitioner and purchasing administrator/buyer. It is usually emailed within 15 minutes to both parties from time of approval.

 How do I amend a Purchase Order?

The requisitioner cannot amend a Purchase Order, please contact with the relevant purchasing administrator/buyer in your area.

 How do I view my Purchase Order on Agresso?

The Purchase Order will be automatically emailed to you by the system, it is saved as a PDF file. Otherwise please contact with purchasing administrator.

How can I attach documentation to requisition?

When entering a requisition, users are able to attach back up documentation as pdf, word etc., by clicking on paper clip icon, please see our FAQ section for more detailed information.

What is a Purchase Order?

This is a document generated by the Agresso system, authorised by purchase administrator for a purchase transaction. When accepted by the supplier it becomes a binding contract for both parties. A PO may contain quantities, descriptions of goods, terms & conditions and prices.  A PO number is an important reference for both buyer and the seller.

Purchase Orders Value Procurement Policy

Purchase  Orders 

€500 >Verbal quote required 

€500 - €4,999 - 2 quotes or more - PA must keep 'a' record

Supplies & Services

€5000 - €24,999 – 3 quotes - written (doc. attached to  requisition)  

€25,000 - €209,000 - Procurement formal tender using www.etenders.gov.ie


€5,000 - €49,000 - 3 quotes - written 

€50,000 - €5,225,000 - e-Tender

Supplies & Services and Works

209,000 - €5,225,000 - EU tender in OJEU/ e-Tenders


Where can I find a list of Suppliers on Agresso?

Purchasing Administrators can find all suppliers currently set up on Agresso under Reports/Supplier Master/Supplier Master Lookup information Index status: C – closed, P – park by accounts payable, N – active for purchasing. Please ensure the supplier is definitely on Agresso system before requesting set up.

How do I view my Purchase Order on Agresso?

The Purchase Order will be automatically emailed to requisitioner by the system, as a PDF file. Purchasing administrators are able to locate the Pdf copy at any stage on Agresso under Procurement/Purchase Orders/Order amendment/confirmation. Further information and help guides are available under this link

 What does status 'Closed' mean on a purchase order?

A Purchase Order which status shows as ‘Closed’ means that it has been used to pay an invoice and the full amount on the P.O. has been used. Close orders can be reopened, terminated cannot.

 How do I cancel a Purchase Order?

If you wish to cancel a Purchase Order for whatever reason you must inform the Supplier and contact with the purchasing administrator to close the order on the system.  For more information on how to close a PO, see our FAQ section for more detailed information.

 How is the invoice processed for payment?

The physical invoice quoting valid purchase order must be sent to the Accounts Payable section, whereupon it is registered and scanned by the accounts payable staff in to the Agresso purchasing system. Electronic approval is sought from the invoice approver, once approved it automatically goes for the following payment run.

Who approves the invoice?

All invoices need approval from the person assigned as invoice approver (accountable) function within the department/school, the responsible will seek authorization for payment from the budget holder before approval. Invoices are approved electronically (physical invoices goes to the Finance Office). 

 Can I check if an invoice has been paid on the system?

Yes, Purchasing Administrator I able to check this in the Reports area under Agresso purchasing system, Reports / Supplier Invoice Enquires. PA can check supplier (invoice) and non-invoice (sundry) payments under this inquiry. For more information, see our FAQ section for more detailed information.

Will I receive a reminder that I need to approve a task?

Invoice approver receives e-mail alerts which are sent from the system to users when invoice require approval on Agresso.

I have read the FAQ section, where can I get further information?

There is a Notes section on our website, which offers printable guides for the online Agresso Purchasing system. However, should you have any outstanding queries regarding access or use of the system, please do not hesitate to contact us at  https://financesystems.dcu.ie/support/home or by phone 01 700 60 60

If you wish to query a supplier set up/ invoice payments then you should contact accounts.payable@dcu.ie

If you wish to query a customer set up/ sales invoice payments then you should contact accounts.recivable@dcu.ie