Fraunhofer Project Centre

The Fraunhofer Project Centre for embedded bioanalytical systems (FPC@DCU) is a three-way partnership between Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Aachen, Germany), and Dublin City University. 

Based within our host institute, Dublin City University (DCU), this Strategic Partnership has the privilege of being the 1st Fraunhofer project centre in Ireland. The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe‘s largest organization for applied research, with more than 25,000 employees and 75 specialised Institutes across Germany. You can visit our full website here

FPC@DCU is a 1-stop-shop for microfluidics technology development. Our centre designs, develops and manufactures microfluidic devices for Point-of-Care devices.

These diagnostic technologies can be used “on location” at the “point-of-need” using miniaturised test systems to carry out a wide array of diagnostic tests. With expertise in microfluidic systems design, prototyping and biological optimisation, FPC@DCU is ideally placed to de-risk and accelerate early-stage technologies for commercialisation.

Through its partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen, Germany, coupled with indigenous collaborating manufacturing partners, FPC@DCU also offers manufacturing scale-up capabilities, with access to cutting edge small scale manufacturing, microfluidic injection moulding and automated assembly/bonding systems.

Our facilities in DCU gives us immediate access to many microfabrication tools (e.g., ultraprecision milling, laser ablation and lithography, hot embossing, adhesive patterning, thermal lamination, 3D printing) and analysis (FRT 3D optical profilometry, electron/light/AF microscopy, spectroscopy, nanoindentation, chromatography, cell culture, mass spectrometry).

We also have access to in-house IP and know-how in the areas of NGS Automated Sample Preparation, cell sorting & enrichment, and unique microfluidic valve technology that offer a powerful and versatile toolbox for microfluidic manipulation and analysis.