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Significant CIMA Exemptions awarded to DCU Business School Masters in Management Programmes

Significant CIMA Exemptions awarded to DCU Business School Masters in Management Programmes

DCU Business School is proud to announce that significant exemptions have been gained across the three pillars of the CIMA professional qualification for our MSc in Management (Business) and MSc in Management (Strategy) programmes, recognising the academic rigour and industry relevancy of these programmes.

The MSc in Management (Business), designed for non-business graduates, will offer a minimum of 8 exemptions; while the MSc in Management (Strategy) programme offers a minimum of 5 exemptions with the potential to gain up to 14 exemptions. The high number of exemptions being granted is a sign of the similarities between our programme design and the CIMA qualification. Both align with the real world of business. CIMA is not just about developing technical accounting skills, but about building on non-financial competencies such as managing people, showing leadership and displaying ethical awareness and professionalism.  It makes you highly employable.

If you are a non-business graduate, you can convert the value of your non-relevant degree using your MSc in Management (Business) and CIMA qualification, which opens up a varied business career in sectors that may build on your original undergraduate degree.  If you are a business graduate, you can diversify into areas of business other than Finance, such as Commercial, Operations and Information Management.  With CIMA, you can re-define how business is done, by managing business opportunities, informing strategy and helping to secure the future of businesses.   

Graduates of both programmes will be well prepared to enter industry and continue to become full CIMA members, achieving a qualification that is the most rounded professional business qualification, involving much more than number-crunching.  CIMA, the only Professional Accountancy Body to see an increase in new students registered from Ireland in recent years, is an international, portable qualification that equips you, not just for a career in accounting, but also for a career in strategic business management, while activating your ethical awareness.

Simon Sherry, Higher Education Partnership Manager at CIMA London, said

“DCU Business School graduates consistently out-perform the national average results across all pillars and levels for Ireland as a whole. We try to maintain the balance between the benefit and risk of granting exemptions to CIMA our students and their employers, but if the optimal exemptions are awarded they can be of immense value.”

CIMA advocate at DCUBS, Dr Ruth Mattimoe, said

“I am delighted to see the high amount of exemptions being granted to our MSc in Management (Business) and (Strategy) students. In particular, for the Enterprise Pillar of the CIMA professional qualification, exemptions have been gained going up all the 3 levels of the pillar – operational, managerial and strategic, which confirms the high quality of our programme design. CIMA is versatile and allows you to train and work within any industry - from health to leisure, from financial services to shared services, from the public sector to energy, utilities and mining.  The CIMA qualification will most definitely add value to the graduates of our MSc in Management streams who come from many different undergraduate disciplines and go on to work in a wide range of industries in various roles”. 

25th August, 2015