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University of Pai Chai joins Age Friendly University network

University of Pai Chai joins Age Friendly University network

The University of Pai Chai is the 10th higher education institute to join the growing Age Friendly University network and the first member from East Asia. 

The University, founded in 1885, has a student body of 14,000 students and its programmes in health, education, and cultural opportunities are offered free of charge to older people.  Daejon Senior Support Centre and the University of Pai Chai are working collaboratively on a number of initiatives to address ageing in South Korea.  Their work is supported by the South Korean government to embed the AFU concept in all HEI's in South Korea.  

DCU Age Friendly University was delighted to host a delegation from the University of Pai Chai and the Daejon Senior Support Centre South Korea.  Professor Jinsoep Lim and his colleagues from the Department of Gerontal Health and Welfare represented Pai Chai where Prof. Lim also serves as department chair.  Daejeon Senior Support Centre was represented at the meeting by Prof. Sohn 

The global reach of the Age Friendly University network now spans USA, UK, Canada, and Europe. 


14th February, 2017