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Kjartan Poskitt to appear at Dublin City University as part of Maths Week

Kjartan Poskitt to appear at Dublin City University as part of Maths Week

Author Kjartan Poskitt of the popular Murderous Maths series will present two shows at Dublin City University on Tuesday, October 17th to celebrate Maths Week (October 16th to 22nd).

Poskitt has worked on children's tv (dating back to BBC's Swap Shop!), presented science and math programmes and has toured worldwide presenting mathematical tricks and oddities from his books.

He is renowned for the incredible Murderous Maths series which have been published in over 25 countries.

The books, aimed at children aged 8 and above, teach maths, spanning from basic arithmetic to relatively complex concepts such as the quadratic formula and trigonometry.

They are written in an informal style similar to the Horrible Histories, Horrible Science and Horrible Geography series, involving evil geniuses, gangsters, love stories and smelly burgers, and lots more wacky comedies.

Kjartan’s appearance at DCU is one of the highlights from a number of events taking place to celebrate Maths Week.

Another to watch out for is the Hamilton Walk, commencing at 1.00pm from St Patrick's Campus on Monday October 16th. On this very date in 1843, William Rowan Hamilton was walking from Dunsink Observatory to College Green, Dublin when he suddenly realised how to solve a problem with which he had struggled for over a decade.

He discovered a new kind of number (which he called quaternions) and changed forever how algebra is conceived.

The walk will encourage participants to get into the spirit of Maths Week and mathematical discovery.

During the week people will also be encouraged to find their “Maths Eye” a project which encourages people of all ages to see mathematics in the world around them, to capture an image of what they see and supply a caption to their image.

A series of Maths Trails will also be taking place around the campuses.

The Kjartan Poskitt Workshops take place Tuesday October 17th: 11:00 - 11:50 and 12: - 12:50, SPD.E214

Click on the below link to see Dr Lorraine Harbison, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies, DCU Institute of Education chat about maths research.

Click here

13th October, 2017