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New Computing and Engineering Masters on offer at D C U

DCU's Faculty of Engineering and Computing is pleased to announce changes to its Masters degree programmes for the coming academic year.

Masters in Computing
The M.Sc. in Computing, (with Major), is designed to be completed in one calendar year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. There are three majors in this programme - Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Forensic and Secure Computing.

Students will acquire up-to-date programming and specification techniques, covering formal and informal, theoretical and practical aspects. They will familiarise themselves with advanced algorithms and how to deploy these in practical situations, and will be well prepared to undertake work within defined software processes, using the best techniques currently available. Additionally, they will be introduced to professional issues surrounding the development and implementation of software systems.

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Masters in Computer Aided Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has introduced two new majors for this Masters:

  • Major in Sustainable Systems
    This Major will prepare graduates for career opportunities in the growing fields of Energy/Renewable Energy (Wind, wave, solar, Biomass etc). Graduates will be equipped with the skills and expertise required to respond to significant changes in the energy industry. This course will allow students to understand in depth the different energy resources, energy technologies, industries and markets.
  • Major in Biomedical Engineering
    The world of medicine is evolving and expanding rapidly, with new treatments and new diseases appearing all the time. Similarly, the range and sophistication of medical devices needed to apply these treatments and fight these diseases is growing. From cameras that explore blood vessels to scanners that analyse the entire human body, biomedical engineering expertise is in greater demand than ever before.

    This major integrates the necessary aspects of biology and medicine with the technical engineering aspects required to engineer medical devices. The major includes modules on anatomy and physiology, biomedical materials, medical device design, surgical robotics, bioinstrumentation, and regulatory compliance for medical devices. The range of modules covered ensures that students receive a relevant, up-to-date and exciting education which prepares them for working in the challenging and dynamic environment of the medical device industry.

Masters in Electronic Systems
The School of Electronic Engineering has introduced a new major in semi conductor manufacturing. Details can be found at http://www.dcu.ie/electronics/post/major_semi_manu.shtml.