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Save Our Spark

Save Our Spark Campaign - spread the word!

To deliver on ambitious targets for the quality of the learning experience for our students, Irish universities must overcome challenges created by a growing student population, a rapidly-changing society and, above all, serious under-investment by the Irish State.

As a follow-up to the ‘Charter for Irish Universities’ published in September, and with a view to enhancing public awareness of the threats posed to the quality of the Irish Higher Education system, the Irish Universities Association (IUA) has launched a multi-media communications campaign across a range of channels.

The Save Our Spark Campaign ( went live on Monday, October 15.

The link to the Save our Spark video may be found here.

The initial objective of this campaign is to engage students, staff, alumni, followed by parents and the general public and to secure their active support for the campaign.

If you believe in the objectives of this initiative, please join the campaign and use social media platforms to spread the SOS video and related messages!

7th November, 2018