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DCU ‘Law of Evidence/Criminal Procedure’ Workshop

DCU ‘Law of Evidence/Criminal Procedure’ Workshop

DCU School of Law and Government is today (Friday, October 12th) hosting a ‘DCU Law of Evidence/Criminal Procedure Workshop’.

This event is providing a forum for Evidence/Criminal Procedure scholars to come together and share ideas and work at all stages of gestation.

Speaking in advance of the workshop, Dr Yvonne Daly, Associate Professor at DCU’s School of Law and Government said “We have representatives here from law schools across Ireland, the UK and Europe, and as far away as Melbourne, Australia. The topics cover a broad range of both theoretical and practice-oriented issues, from the culture of control, to the evidential implications of body-worn cameras, and from the impact of the #metoo movement on the admissibility of evidence in rape trials, to the very structure of our adversarial system.”

Making reference to how the discipline of Criminal Procedure and the Law of Evidence “can sometimes be subsumed into broader categories of Criminal Law or Criminology”, Dr Daly added “Today, we have come together as a distinct group, to focus fully on matters of mutual interest, to share, and to contribute to one another's understanding of the many issues which we are focusing on in our research work.”

Dr Daly also highlighted that she would be providing some preliminary insights on a project being undertaken with her DCU School of Law and Government colleague, Dr Vicky Conway, where criminal defence solicitors  around Ireland were interviewed on their experiences in attending and representing clients in Garda Síochána stations. “Solicitors have only been allowed to accompany detained suspects into the Garda interview for the past four years in this jurisdiction, so it is fascinating to hear from them what they have encountered in that space,” she concluded.

12th October, 2018