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Tackling Tech Talent Shortages

Talent Garden Innovation School Launches Unique Bootcamps in UX Design and Data Science with Industry-leading Faculty

As Ireland becomes the only English-speaking country in the European Union, demand for tech skills and talent is expected to rise.

With demand already outstripping the supply of skilled people in the areas of User Experience (UX) Design and Data Science, Talent Garden Dublin has launched two new practical, industry-led Bootcamps.

The expert faculty that are leading the Bootcamps will help businesses and individuals upskill and stay ahead of the game when it comes to sectoral trends and innovations needed to run successful organisations.

UX Design Bootcamp ‘Master the brilliant basics of User Experience Design and how to create impactful, purposeful and beautiful experiences.’ From branding to usability and function, great UX Design is what makes a product or experience an engaging and enjoyable one for the user.

The demand for UX Designers in Ireland has never been greater with Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Software Engineers, Product Managers needing to truly understand their users and user responses, in order to do their jobs effectively.

In 2016, the Software as a Service (SaaS) market for Europe was valued at $9.1 billion and is expected to reach $24 billion by 2022 (BCC Research May 2018).

This 18-week part-time UX Design Bootcamp teaches core skills for application across a range of platforms such as Web, Mobile, Wearables, AI, AR/VR, Medical, SaaS and Gaming.

Participants will learn how to conduct UX audits user testing, human-computer interaction models and how to collaborate with key stakeholders and customers to drive product direction in a commercial environment.

The Bootcamp includes a practical Industry Project where participants will have the chance to work with real-world companies such as Dublin Airport, the Rediscovery Centre, Robotify and Marino Software, along with a ‘Bring Your Own Design’ (BYOD) challenge which will be based on a challenge from the participants’ own organisation or side-project.

With a focus on action learning, the faculty is made up of innovators, designers and change makers in their own industries including Dr. Shirley Coyle, whose expertise in merging fashion and engineering is helping to change the game of wearable technology,

Mark Swaine, founder of the ‘UX Institute’ and an international SaaS Product Thought Leader who has worked with innovation leaders such as, Google Techstars, Mastercard, Microsoft, TransferMate, Trezeo, Shipyard and TD Bank and Dr. Declan Tuite, Lecturer and Course Director of the Masters in Emerging Media in the School of Communications in DCU. Data Science Bootcamp ‘Futureproof your skillset with Machine Learning, R, Data Visualisation and PowerBI.’

Relevant to all business sectors including banking, retail, insurance, marketing and healthcare, data is ‘the new oil’.

This 18-week part-time Data Science Bootcamp helps participants to interpret insights from data quicker and create greater impact in business through data mining, data visualisation, machine learning, AI and work practices.

Participants will learn design and workflow patterns that take you from raw data to the next level and will also have the opportunity to work on an Industry Project to put their new skills into practice, partnering with real world companies such as Epic Museum, Met Eireann, Anadue and Exit Entry. Industry experts leading the Bootcamp include Dr. Finn Macleod, Founder of Beautiful Data and DistilX.com, who has designed dashboards for clients such as Thomson-Reuters, Formula 1 (via Meshh) and Heineken and Stephanie Locke, a Data Scientist, Entrepreneur and CEO of Nightingale HQ – an online platform to help businesses develop and implement their own data and AI strategies successfully.

Details UX Design Bootcamp 

When: 25/09/2019- 13/02/2020

Wednesday & Thursday evening (6.15-9.15pm)

Where: Talent Garden Dublin

To apply: Click here 

Data Science Bootcamp

When: 26/09/2019 – 14/02/2020

Wednesday and Thursday evenings (6:15pm-9:15pm)

Where: Talent Garden Dublin

To apply: Click here 

About Talent Garden

Talent Garden is the leading European digital innovation hub and co-working ecosystem. Founded in Brescia, Italy, Talent Garden has now grown its network across 18 European cities and is hosting over 3,500 digital professionals in 23 campuses across 8 countries. Unlike real estate driven international co-working operators, Talent Garden puts education and innovation at its core in developing its tech community. It focuses on new ways to transform and connect the flexible work and education environments that are being demanded by digital entrepreneurs and businesses undergoing a digital transformation.

Website: https://talentgarden.org/ie/innovation-school/

About the faculty

Mark Swaine

Mark Swaine, founder of ‘UX Guy’ and ‘UX Institute’ is an international UX, Design and Product Design Thought Leader, delivering exceptional product design and education to blue chip companies, growth stage companies, tech startups and VCs.

Dr. Shirley Coyle

Dr. Shirley Coyle is a Designer, Creator and Engineer who enjoys tackling innovation challenges. Shirley has a diploma in fashion design and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She founded Common Ground Design in 2018, a consultancy start-up providing expertise in wearable technology and UX Design.

Dr. Declan Tuite

Dr. Declan Tuite is a Lecturer and Course Director of the popular Masters in Emerging Media in the School of Communications in DCU. He delivers a broad range of modules and currently teaches these on the BSc.in Multimedia, the BA in Communication Studies and the BA in Journalism. The main areas in which he specialises are interactive/responsive design, sound design, algorithmic composition, the social effects of ICT, new media studies, programming, human computer interaction, usability and design for emerging media.

Dr. Finn Macleod

Dr. Finn Macleod is a former mathematician with a PhD in predictive complexity. He has built, sold and designed dashboards for clients such as Thomson-Reuters, Formula 1 (via Meshh) and Heineken.

Steph Locke

Steph Locke is one of only 58 individuals in the world to be recognised with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Most Valued Professional award. She is the founder of Locke Data, a UK-based data science consultancy.

8th August, 2019