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ADAPT announces sixteen new two year Elite S fellowships

The ADAPT Research Centre has announced Elite S, a new programme that will offer sixteen fellowships in the areas of regulations and compliance, content analytics and content preservation, data and process management and interoperability.

The programme, which will have two calls over four years (eight fellows each time), is funded by the European Commission and ADAPT and is targeted at experienced international researchers (who either have PhDs or four years research work behind them) and also researchers at risk or who have had a career break. Elite S will open for submissions in February, with the deadline at the end of May and the first fellowships will begin in November 2019.

The management team for Elite S are based in DCU:

Dr. Markus Helfer - Project Coordinator

John Judge - ADAPT EU Funding Manager

Paulo Soncini - Project Manager

Caitriona Mordan - Project Manager

Paulo Soncini said “ICT standards play an essential role in achieving interoperability of new technologies and can bring significant benefits to both industry and consumers. ELITE-S will offer excellent quality in the selection of researchers, and high quality training and supervision to form the next generation of leaders in ICT Standards. We are very excited to launch this programme today.”

Programme details

Elite S both an academic and industry components. The industry secondment is for six months and can be anywhere in the world. Applicants must have a specific piece of research they want to do and must propose this and reach out to a potential academic supervisor during the application process. They also have to develop a personal career and development plan as part of the fellowship as the programme is very much managed, structured and real world goal orientated. Across the four disciplines of 1) Regulations and compliance, 2) Content analytics and content preservation, 3) Data and process management and 4) Interoperability, the project expects to create significant impact in the following areas:

Digital health apps, digital government, fintech, smart cities, smart buildings, smart transport, trust and e-signatures, long term data preservation and machine learning.

The programme launched this morning (January 23rd) at IBEC, 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2


The ADAPT Centre, funded by Science Foundation Ireland focuses on developing next generation digital technologies that transform how people communicate by helping to analyse, personalise and deliver digital data more effectively for businesses and individuals. ADAPT researchers are based in four leading universities: Dublin City University, Technological University Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.


Elite S

23rd January, 2019