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Dublin City University - campus accomodation statement

Dublin City University - campus accomodation statement

Update - March 20th

DCU Student Accommodation remains open to all residents and rooms continue to be fully accessible.  

The University issued a statement on Wednesday to staff and students that ‘on-Campus’ academic activities will not be resumed this semester and all teaching and examinations will be delivered online.

Rooms in Student Accommodation remain available to those students who wish to continue to live on campus. 

Any students who have left belongings in their rooms and who wish to return to collect these may do so whenever they wish.

The HSE, through the Department of Education & Skills, has been in contact with all the Universities seeking information on on-campus accommodation that could be made available in the context of a severe worsening of the national COVID19 situation and hospitals being at full capacity. At this time of national crisis, the University wishes to provide whatever support it can to our healthcare system and all options are being explored. However, to be clear, at this point in time the University has no specific plan, nor it is aware of a HSE-specific plan, to seek access to elements of the on-campus accommodation facilities that may be available. The national crisis is, as we have stated from the outset, evolving rapidly and we will keep students informed of any developments.

Please note that access to student accommodation on our Glasnevin campus will be through the Sports Complex entrance only. This enables us to secure access and safeguard residents.  

In order to ensure the safety of everyone on campus during these unprecedented times it is vital that all residents use the SafeZone App while on campus and in the residences.

It is crucial at this time that we all observe the social distancing guidelines, in everything that we do, if we are to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. Please see here  information on social distancing

We would like to say thank you to all students who have engaged with us to let us know if they will remain on campus or if they have decided to leave.

March 18th

DCU Rooms Management is communicating with all students who are living on campus to determine exactly how many students are still on campus and how many have left and returned home.  We urge students to engage with this email and questionnaire. This is for both operational health and safety reasons and to ascertain buildings or rooms that are now unoccupied.

Students will not be asked to leave.  DCU is well aware that for some campus residents it is their home and that they may not be able to return home for a variety of reasons, whether due to travel restrictions, flight cancellations or having an immuno-compromised or elderly relative at home.

We want to reassure students that DCU will look after any students living on campus for the duration of this crisis.

If called upon we will provide unoccupied campus residences blocks (eg stand alone buildings and NOT part of buildings or apartments) if required by the Department of Health.