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Top tips part four- Keeping active during COVID-19
Series four top tips- keeping active during COVID-19
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Top tips part four- Keeping active during COVID-19

Our weekly Facebook Live broadcasts- How adults and children can stay active at home during COVID-19 with the School of Health and Human Performance at DCU continues this week, with Dr Stephen Behan back in the hot-seat answering all your questions and queries on how we can keep active and moving.

Here are the top five talking points from the broadcast earlier this afternoon (Wed, April 15th).

Imagination and online inspiration!

Many of our viewers got in touch to highlight that their children were really struggling with the fact that they cannot go outside a 2km radius.

Dr Behan highlighted the importance of imagination and resources online making reference to the fun videos GAA stars Ciarán Kilkenny (Dublin) and Orlagh Farmer (Cork) have posted online which set out skills challenges for kids.

If your children are not GAA fans, then why not check out some of the fun videos hockey and rugby stars have posted up.

Alternatively, a company called Kick Start Movements are super for inspiration with brilliant ideas on movement; games and setting age appropriate obstacle courses and challenges.

Struggling with lock-down boredom?

Change it up! Viewers expressed frustration and a sense of being fed-up as the weeks have progressed.

Dr Behan advised viewers to see if they can change up their walk/work-out routine and build mini-challenges into it on a daily basis.

Also look at different work-outs online from different people- don’t do the same one every day.

Find one that suits you, at your own pace and own level and try and build it into your daily routine.

Kids are not interested- what to do!

Some of the viewers highlighted that there were different levels of interest and motivation among their children.

Dr Behan highlighted the importance of trying to get the whole family to take part in activities together.

He encouraged viewers to ask their kids what activities they liked to do and to try and build a work-out from that.

Look at household items, build obstacle challenges in the backyard- the main emphasis was on trying to get the children involved and take ownership of it, as opposed to them simply doing something for the sake of it.

Use household items

How about using household items for weight-resistance, body-weight exercises? Bottles of water, tins of beans, even bags of coal can all become handy workout equipment!

Know your ABCs

Know your ABC’s (agility, balance, co-ordination) and try to build these types of movements into any work-out, activity for adults and kids.

The other acronym of RJT’s refers to Running, Jumping and Throwing which are the basic building blocks of fundamental movement skills. 

Try and make sure to have these movements in any exercises which in turn helps kids to develop their physical literacy and build their confidence.

Structure and routine

If you feel your routine is slipping, try and reset and build it back again.

Many of our viewers highlighted that initially they had a good routine, but now as time is moving on, they feel this is slipping.

Dr Behan advised viewers to re-set by changing it up and building something new into your routine- such as a ten minute walk before you start work or taking a break at lunch etc.