Offers Postgraduate

Congratulations on your DCU course offer!

We have listed the steps below you will need to take from now until we welcome you in October.

PAC Applicants

PAC Applicants

Once we have received your completed application through PAC (postgraduate application centre), it will be assessed, and sent forward to the relevant faculties in DCU for review.

We will contact you through your PAC account on with updates during the process.

Once there is a confirmed offer, we look to process as quickly as possible.

If you receive an offer from us through your PAC account, you will need to accept the offer by the reply date.
Once you accept an offer and have paid a deposit, you will receive a registration letter via your PAC account in September.

Welcome Information & My DCU

Receive Your Welcome Information & My DCU Login

After an offer has been accepted and deposit paid through your PAC account, you will receive your registration letter. The registration letter will contain log in details to access DCU systems and your DCU email account.

The registration letter will be uploaded to your PAC account. You will receive an email alert telling you the registration letter is in your PAC account.

The information in the registration letter will allow you to register for your course, pay your fees and - from 17th September - access ‘My DCU at Loop’, which will outline your student journey over the coming year

Once registered, students will receive a separate email regarding how to get their student card.


Registration and Orientation

Registration and Orientation

Before coming to DCU, you must register online for the modules on your course. You’ll need that registration letter information again from step 2 to do so.

Registration for first year postgraduate students, including Postgraduate Research, takes place between Monday, September 21st, and Friday, October 2nd.

For guidance on the registration process, visit the Registration Information Page.

If you have a query in relation to online registration, please submit an online query.

For any queries on fees, please contact;

From the 17th September, you will have access to ‘My DCU at Loop’. Here you will be able to see your personalised Orientation Schedule, a full overview of events on and off campus, information about clubs and societies, and workshops that you can attend throughout the semester. Login here from 17th September.

Meanwhile, the Faculties are working hard to finalise timetables. They will be available as soon as possible

Get to Know DCU - Orientation Week 1

Online Orientation resources on My DCU are flexible, designed for you to work through at your own pace during this week.

Some live workshops are taking place during ‘Get to Know DCU - Orientation Week 1’ beginning Monday, 21st September - these are optional. We’ve included a 'Guide' in Stage 3 to show you what’s happening this week and what you can be working through each day. These sessions include talks from the SU and Clubs & Societies, and will be repeated throughout the next few weeks. Don’t worry if the virtual room is full, you’ll have the opportunity to link in again!

We strongly advise you to take part in the Active Consent workshops, so make sure you attend your Faculty workshop.

Now that most of the serious work is done, you can start exploring all that DCU has to offer!

Accepting My Offer Queries

Offer Queries

Please accept your DCU offer through PAC. If you are having trouble with this, please contact or visit

If you would like to defer, please contact and include your PAC number.
For international offers, please contact and include your PAC number.

Registration Queries

Fees Queries

Fees Queries

Fees should be paid as part of the online registration process, under step 1.

If a third party is paying your fees, they can call the DCU easypay number 01-2530219 to make the payment. They will need your student number and date of birth to hand. Some 60% of your fees must be paid at this time, and the balance of 40% on or before 29th January, 2021.

If you have a SUSI grant, you are required to pay 60% of the total fees less the €2,000 SUSI award. You must have your SUSI application number during the registration process

See our Fees FAQ or our Fees booklet for information about fees for the academic year. Alternatively, email for more information.

Orientation and Support Queries

Orientation and Support Queries

You will be able to log in to My DCU at Loop from 17th September. Once in ‘My DCU at Loop’ you will have access to your personalised Orientation Schedule. Contact if you have any questions.

Alumni Discount

Alumni Discount

DCU offers a 10% reduced fee scheme exclusive to all DCU graduates and outgoing final year students. It applies to any full time or part time taught Masters Programme for the 2020/21 academic year. The discount will be applied upon your payment of fees in Semester 2.

For information on how to avail of this discount, please click here.

Information About My Programme

Information About My Programme

Your programme chairperson will be in touch closer to the start date (5th October) to welcome you to the programme.

Faculties are working hard to finalise timetable details and we hope to get them to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you have any general questions about DCU please contact and we will be happy to assist you.