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Find Your Purpose: Developing Meaning in Your Daily Work

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 Course code: DCU221

Something missing from your life or work? Seeking meaning?

Society is obsessed with utility. As such, work for many people is an abstraction, a means to an end. In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle spoke of Eudaimonia (flourishing), the idea that happiness is derived not merely from frivolous, hedonic gratification but from activities that are challenging, engaging, and meaningful. A truly happy life, according to this idea, is obtained through the doing of things that are inherently gratifying for their own sake rather than what one can obtain materially from them. This workshop starts with this assumption at its base.

Meaningful and fulfilling work fuels psychological resilience - the psychological capacity to cope with change and difficulty. Designed around self-determination theory, this workshop attempts to help you replace pessimism with optimism and a vitality for life and work. 

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

This workshop seeks to facilitate you with finding some clarity and direction in your daily work. If you feel there is something missing from your life or work, if you feel a mild to severe sense of absence, that there is a vacuum that must be filled, come join us. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this workshop, learners will:

● Have identified core values and be equipped to apply them to future decision-making.

● Understand their personal motivation - why they work and what work means to them.

● Critically assess their personal sense of optimism/pessimism for the future.

● Identify a new direction and develop psychological skills to reframe challenges.


Larry G. Maguire, MSc. Org Psych., BA (hons) Psych., M.Ps.S.I., M.A.C., R.Q.T.U.

Work and Organisational Psychologist, specialising in the behaviour and performance of people at work. Peer-reviewed author and lecturer in Leadership, Motivation & Positive Psychology at Dublin Business School, Larry's business background extends over 20 years in the services industry. Find out more


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