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Futures Thinking - Foundations

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Course code: DCU218


Session 1 of 3: Futures Thinking - Foundations 


How often do you think about the future? What is your vision of the future? Is it positive and abundant or the opposite - negative and scary? How much control and influence do you think you have about the future?

We are launching a series of 3 workshops about Futures Thinking foundations, relevance, forecasting and future simulation tools, from a practical hands on approach. 

In this first session, we explore the foundations and the Futures Thinking mindset, learn tools, skills and ways to creatively imagine possible futures, creating impact and influencing on a macro, but also on a personal level.

We evaluate real cases to help us understand why organisations of all sectors are investing and adopting the Futures Thinking mindset to create and influence the future we are heading towards.

At this end of this workshop, you will:

  • Recognise the foundations of Futures Thinking and why organisations are adopting this approach
  • Improve your ability to identify signs of change 
  • Be familiar with tools used to create forecasts 
  • Be acquainted with the Futurist mindset (creativity, foresight, mental flexibility, strategy, hope)


These run as single workshops but you can also sign up for the other two in the series:

Session 2: Futures Thinking - Forecasting

Session 3: Futures Thinking - Simulation



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