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Social Media - How to Effectively Manage

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​Course code: DCU111

Audience: All staff that use social media accounts representing DCU

Course Descriptor: 

Social media is a cornerstone of modern higher education, offering enormous opportunities for engagement and outreach. At DCU, we recognise the power of our brand and the importance of skillfully leveraging social platforms to amplify our message and achievements. 

Our social media accounts serve as hubs for sharing research, campus events, and collective successes. Navigating the landscape of social media communication can be complex, with diverse opinions on what constitutes effective messaging. However, by adhering to proven best practices, we can ensure that our content resonates positively and authentically represents DCU's ethos. 

In this 1.5-hour blended workshop, participants will gain invaluable insights into crafting and managing social media content within the university context. Through online prework, attendees will lay the groundwork an interactive discussion. The session culminates in a dedicated Q&A segment, offering personalised guidance on optimizing your area's social media presence. 

Join us to discover best practices for effective social media engagement in higher education. 

After completing this workshop you will be able to

  • recognise the benefits of running social media accounts in terms of public and institutional profile 
  • distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate content types
  • efficiently create and curate effective content
  • monitor comments and respond efficiently
  • identify ways to schedule posts in advance
  • collaborate with team members on content

Additional dates available to book through the Core Portal:

14 May 2024

Course Fee: None. 


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3. Type DCU111 into the Keywords search field and click Search.

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