Ms Paula Murray Director of Placement


International Mobility Team

Name Position
Mr. Brendan Tighe Senior International Mobility Manager
Ms. Vikki Doyle International Mobility Co-ordinator
Ms. Catarina Ramalho International Mobility Co-ordinator
Ms. Kayla Gant International Mobility Co-ordinator
Mr. Andrew Carr International Mobility Co-ordinator
Ms. Laura Curran Administration Support




Name Position  
Ms. Maeve Long Head of INTRA and Co-ordinator  
Ms. Fiona Deane Co-ordinator  
Ms. Vanessa Wade Co-ordinator  
Ms. Geraldine Farrell Co-ordinator and Erasmus+ Traineeship Administration  
Ms. Sarah Fleming Co-ordinator and  & Marketing Administration  
Ms. Lorna Galligan Office Manager and Assessment Administration  
Ms. Edel O'Reilly Administration Support  
Ms. Laura Curran Administration Support  



















































Name Campus Role Room Number Phone Number
Mr Andrew Carr Glasnevin Campus International Mobility Co-ordinator CAG 101 01 700 5574
Laura Curran Glasnevin Campus Administration Support CAG110 01 700 5422
Ms Vikki Doyle Glasnevin Campus Academic Mobilities Co-ordinator CAG101 01 700 8699
Ms Kayla Gant Glasnevin Campus International Mobility Co-ordinator CAG 101 01 700 6483
Ms Edel O'Reilly Glasnevin Campus Administration Support CAG 101 01 700 5514
Mr Nicolas Prado Malefakis Glasnevin Campus International Mobility Assistant CAG 101 01 700 5251
Catarina Ramalho Glasnevin Campus International Mobility Coordinator CAG110 01 700 8648
Mr Brendan Tighe Glasnevin Campus Senior International Mobility Manager CAG001 01 700 6392
Ms Eunice Orosco Glasnevin Campus IT Team D300 01 700 -