Outgoing Insurance Information Request

IMPORTANT: Please be advised, you must submit details of your travel insurance and estimated start & end dates at the host university in order to complete this form.

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In order to participate in a study period abroad at one of DCU's partner institutions for the next academic year, you must meet the academic progression requirements in this academic year to be considered eligible.
If, after receiving your exam results, you have any doubts or concerns about your progression please contact your DCU Academic Coordinator.

While on exchange you must pass an agreed minimum number of credits. This minimum is defined in terms of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits, or their equivalent.. A full academic year’s work is valued at 60 ECTS and a semester’s work at 30 ECTS. As the number of courses/credits/hours required can vary between Schools / programmes you must confirm the exact number you are expected to obtain with your DCU Academic Coordinator when completing your Learning Agreement.

I have read and understood my academic responsibilities: