Vehicular Access Policy

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Policy on provision of access to pedestrianized areas by vehicles 

  1. All vehicles that have access to pedestrianized areas must have a permit. 
  2. Permits are to be issued through the PTW system. 
  3. Permit holders will be given access to entry fobs via the Traka system. 
  4. Entry fobs will have an identifiable tag attached and must be left in a visible position on vehicle dashboards or held in the possession of the vehicle’s attendant. 
  5. Vehicles should generally access pedestrianized areas, offload and park in Car Park 1 or the overflow car park. 
  6. In times for example when Students Union activities require multiple vehicles to access pedestrianized areas, the organiser of the activities must obtain the permit and control the use of the entry fob. 
  7. For access outside of working hours a permit must be applied for in advance. Once the permit has been issued a Traka PIN will be emailed to the applicant to allow an entry fob to be picked up on arrival. 
  8. If there is uncertainty as to how to handle a request for access to pedestrianized areas the matter should be escalated to Assistant Estates Manager, Estates Manager or Director of Estates. Where access is granted in this manner the grantor of access should email a notice to
  9. Vehicles requiring regular access to pedestrianized areas must be equipped with audible and visual means of warning of their presence and these must remain in operation while the vehicle is in pedestrianized areas. 
  10. Vehicles requiring irregular or once-off access to pedestrianized areas may be permitted access without audible and visible alerts, however the risk assessment and method statement submitted in application for access must make clear how the operator(s) of the vehicle will render their vehicle safe when in pedestrianized areas, for example by provision of staff escorting the vehicles on foot, or by cordoning off areas to prevent interaction of vehicles and pedestrians.