Policy Guides & Templates


This section of the website provides guidance for Heads of Units and Staff where new University Policies are being developed or current policies are being reviewed or amended. The guides listed herein originate from, and are aligned with, the University's Policy on Policies that can also be accessed at the link below.

In addition to a Policy Template separate templates are provided for both 'Procedures' and 'Protocols' and they may be used by any Unit of the University. 

It is acknowledged that full compliance with the Policy on Policies, the second of its kind within the University, will take a period of time. However, it is expected that as new policies are developed, or existing policies are reviewed or amended, that they will adhere to the provisions set out in the 'Policy on University Policies' and with the separate guidelines, policy template and document hierarchy provided in the tabs below.  

For any queries regarding any of the above guides or templates please contact the University Risk & Compliance Officer.