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All of the documents listed below were either created or revised in the previous twelve months and are published on this, the University's Central Policies Web page, under one of the document categories listed on the web page menu e.g. Policies, Statutes, Charters, Codes or Regulations. 

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Title Policy Owner Approval Date
Vetting / Foreign Police Certification Policy for Staff Human Resources
Emeritus Policy Human Resources
Code of Conduct for Members of the Governing Authority OCOO
Academic Sabbatical Policy Human Resources
Recruitment & Selection Policy Human Resources
Student Complaint Policy Student Support & Development
Digital Identity Retention Policy ISS
Compliance Policy OCOO
Treasury Management Policy (Staff Access Only) Finance Office
Personal Data Retention Policy OCOO
Data Privacy Policy OCOO
Assistant Professor Progression Policy Human Resources
Grievance Policy Human Resources
Domestic Violence Leave Policy Human Resources
Assessment and Examination Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy Disability Office
Garda Vetting / Police Clearance Policy for Students Registry
Academic Integrity Policy Office of Vice President Academic Affairs
Research Integrity Policy Research and Innovation Support
Targeted Promotion to Associate Professor Grade Policy Human Resources
Compassionate Leave Policy Human Resources
Dignity and Respect at Work and Study Policy Human Resources
Sexual Misconduct Policy Human Resources