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All of the documents listed below were either created or revised in the previous twelve months and are published on this, the University's Central Policies Web page, under one of the document categories listed on the web page menu e.g. Policies, Statutes, Charters, Codes or Regulations.      

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Title Policy Owner Approval Date
Export Control Policy OCOO
Inoculation (Sharps) & Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Policy - Undergraduates Science & Health
Garda Vetting / Police Clearance Policy for Students Registry
Code of Practice on Authorship Research and Innovation Support
Framework Safety Statement Health & Safety Office
Gifts, Hospitality, Entertainment & Sponsorship Policy Finance Office
Signing Authority Policy & Appendix OCOO
Policy on University Policies OCOO
Protected Disclosures Policy (Whistleblowing Policy) OCOO
Employee Code of Conduct Human Resources
Data Privacy Policy OCOO
Intellectual Property Policy Research and Innovation Support
Personnel Files Access Policy Human Resources
Risk Management Policy OCOO
Overpayments Policy Human Resources
Annual Leave Policy Human Resources
Travel, Subsistence and Other Expenses Policy Finance Office
Business Credit Card Policy Finance Office
Inoculation (Sharps) & Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Policy - Staff Science & Health