Head of School Appointment Policy

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Where there is a vacancy for the position of Head of School, the Head will be appointed by the President and will normally be appointed from among the Professors or Associate Professors in the School.

(i)   The Dean will meet with the senior staff of the School to determine who the appropriate candidates are.
(ii)  The University expects that in any School in which individual Professors or Associate Professors have not served in the immediate past 3 year terms as Head of School, they will put their names forward for consideration for the role for the upcoming term.
(iii)  Each candidate will then be required to complete an application form, available from the Human Resources Department, and submit this together with a detailed CV to Human Resources.
(iv) The candidate will then be interviewed by a board convened and chaired by the President/Deputy President.  The board will be comprised of the following members:
a)    President / Deputy President;
b)    Executive Dean;
c)    Human Resources Director;
d)    One elected representative of the School who is a permanent staff member nominated by the faculty of the School.
(v)  The candidate will be required to make a brief presentation on their vision for the School at the beginning of the interview.
(vi) The interview process is designed to ensure that the applicant has the potential to satisfactorily discharge the role and responsibilities attached to the Headship and to make a recommendation to the President; the interview process may also identify areas where training may be required to improve the candidate's ability to perform managerial and / or other tasks.
(vii) The appointment will normally be for 3 years and may be extended by the President, following consultation with the Executive Dean and the Director of Human Resources for a second 3-year term.