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DCU is committed to providing a safe environment for its staff, students and visitors. Part of this responsibility is the provision and management of fire safety systems and procedures.

DCU is also committed to implementing a fire safety management system on campus that will ensure compliance with the relevant sections of the following legislation and associated codes of practice:

  • The Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003
  • Fire Safety in Places of Assembly (Ease of Escape) Regulations 1985
  • The Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly (DoE Code of Practice)
  • The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 (as amended)

   This policy outlines the fire safety arrangements in place at the University.

This policy applies to:

  • all buildings and areas occupied by the University and campus companies,
  • all staff,
  • all students; and
  • all legal visitors.

The University is committed to providing all reasonable precautions to guard against the outbreak of fire; along with reasonable precautions to limit the effect of a fire should one occur. To that end, arrangements are to be maintained in place in each of the following areas.

  • Provision and maintenance of the requisite active and passive fire safety systems across all DCU property and buildings.
  • Provision of relevant fire safety training to university staff.
  • Fostering a proactive culture of good fire safety practice across the university through the provision of information, instruction and advice to all staff as appropriate.
  • Review the above on an ongoing basis. Performance measures and any issues identified are to be quantified and reported to the senior management for action as appropriate.

Under the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003, the ultimate responsibility regarding fire safety is with the ‘person having control over the premises’ which in the case of DCU is the university itself or the particular campus company as the relevant body corporate.

However, certain persons within the university have particular responsibilities in ensuring compliance with the above legislation as part of their roles. The specific responsibilities of the following roles are outlined in the Fire Evacuation SOP.

  • Deans/Unit Heads/Research Centre/Campus Company responsibilities
  • Fire Wardens responsibilities
  • Security Service responsibilities
  • DCU Estates responsibilities
  • Academic Staff / Laboratory Supervisors responsibilities
  • Health and Safety Office responsibilities
  • Disability Service responsibilities
  • Human Resources responsibilities
  • Staff / Students with Mobility or other difficulties that may hinder their Safe Evacuation responsibilities

DCU Standard Operating Procedure – Fire Evacuation (DCU/HSO/SOP/006)

DCU Health and Safety Office

Room CG10 Henry Grattan Building

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Fire Safety Policy

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November 2nd 2021