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Dr Martin Brown

West Belfast Partnership Board

Dr. Martin Brown ,Senior Researcher at the Centre for Evaluation, Quality and Inspection (EQI) and lecturer at the School of Policy and Practice, DCU Institute of Education, has been appointed to the education advisory group of the West Belfast Partnership Board (WBPB). In this role Dr. Brown will advise the WBPB on educational areas such Community / area Education, Self-Evaluation, Polycentric Evaluation, peer assessment, continuous professional development, together with other educational areas such as digital literacies in education. He will also advise, compile evaluation findings and disseminate research findings arising out of these initiatives at various fora and facilitate the dissemination of of this work outwards from West Belfast to other areas of Northern Ireland and beyond.

The West Belfast Partnership Board is a broadly based social partnership with community, statutory, political and business members who are dedicated to the regeneration of West Belfast. The mission of the Partnership is to:

Involve people who live and work in West Belfast in generating social, economic, physical and cultural development and to ensure West Belfast makes a full contribution to and benefits equitably from, developments in the city as a whole.

2nd August, 2016