MSc in Science and Health Communication
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The purpose of this information sheet is to allow you view all modules connected to the Qualification, optional and core.

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Semester 1  Core Modules

CM5700Introduction to Research5 Credits 


Semester 2 Core Modules 

CM5992Research Methodologies5 Credits


Autumn Core Modules 

CM538MSHC Project/Dissertation25 Credits

Semester 2 Optional Modules 

Please select ONE of the following modules





Media Audiences and Consumption

Gender and Sexuality in Digital Culture

Political Economy of the Environment

Communicative Democratic Innovations: Participation and Deliberation

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

10 Credits

Autumn Optional Module 

Students must take the following module if they did not take it in Year 1 of the programme

CM588INTRA work placement: MSHC5 Credits

You may choose the following non-contributing module, the marks for which will not contribute to your final degree award

UM405Uaneen Non-Contributing Module5  Credits 


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