Single Module Programme (Engineering & Computing)
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Single Module Programme (Engineering & Computing)    

January 2024 (Registration)
Optional Modules 




Code   Description   SemesterCredits
CA598Introduction to ProgrammingSemester 25
CA6005IMechanics of SearchSemester 27.5
CA683IData Analytics and Data MiningSemester 27.5
CA684IMachine LearningSemester 27.5
CA687ICloud SystemsSemester 27.5
CA688IBlockchain: Basics & ApplicationsSemester 27.5
EE417Web Application DevelopmentSemester 27.5
EE445BioelectronicsSemester 27.5
EE454Optical Communications System DesignSemester 27.5
EE459Mechatronic System Simulation & ControlSemester 27.5
EE470Introduction in Engineering ManagementSemester 27.5
EE4973D Interface TechnologiesSemester 27.5
EE5001Security for IoT and Edge NetworksSemester 27.5
EE507Entrepreneurship for EngineersSemester 27.5
EE508Device ManufacturingSemester 27.5
EE513Connected Embedded SystemsSemester 27.5
EE517Network Analysis and DimensioningSemester 27.5
EE518Photonic Applications and TechnologiesSemester 27.5
EE521Future Network ArchitecturesSemester 27.5
EE544Computer VisionSemester 27.5
EE562Network Stack ImplementationSemester 27.5
EN307English Integrated Skills 2Semester 25
FC002Reading & Writing SkillsSemester 27.5
FC004English for Academic Purposes 2Semester 27.5
MM524Advanced FEASemester 27.5
MM532Computational Thermo-Fluid DynamicsSemester 27.5
MM555Manufacturing Process Analysis & Tool DesignSemester 27.5
MM602Additive ManufacturingSemester 27.5

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