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Research Profile: Dr Paola Rivetti

Dr Paola Rivetti has enjoyed a highly productive second half of 2023.

So far this year, Dr Rivetti is due to have an article published in the Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate, on the topic of feminist and women's political subjectivation in Iran. Also forthcoming is her chapter in the collection Routledge collection 'Women, Agency and Religion: Social and Legal Issues in the Mediterranean Public Space.' These come after Rivetti chaired a BRISMES webinar on environmental justice in Palestine. She has also recently contributed an article on Iran's role in current conflicts in the Middle East to RTE Brainstorm.

This come's after a highly productive second half of 2023 in which Rivetti published, co-ordinated and spoke extensively across three topics in particular: activism in repressive regimes with a focus on the women’s protests in Iran, influences of Iranian policy on Italian far right politics, and social movements in Palestine. She is an Associate Professor in Government at DCU.

Over the past year, Rivetti was Principal Investigator on the wider research project ‘Gender and Authoritarian Diffusion in Italy: Iranian authoritarian discourse and Italy’s Far Right’, funded through DCU’s internal Research Initiative fund. As well as publishing articles related to this project in Italian Political Science Review and Afriche Orienti, Dr Rivetti presented a paper on this research at the European Consortium for Political Research annual conference.

Rivetti has also published work this year on the protests which followed the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran in 2022, as well as organising a series of online ‘Teach Ins’ on Palestine featuring a range of expertise from academics and journalists. She has also recently concluded a project examining the future of assessment in political science following advances in AI, funded by the Higher Education Authority and the National Fund for Education.

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