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Teaching at the Heart of Learning

The 5th biennial Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC 2012) took place on 7-9th June 2012 in Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.  With the chosen theme of “Teaching at the heart of learning” this was a joint conference of the Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) series and the FP7-funded project ESTABLISH

Hosted by the Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning, CASTeL, of Dublin City University & St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, this conference provided the 235 delegates with a variety of  opportunities to address issues pertaining to the teaching and learning of science and mathematics at and across all educational levels, in particular: Classroom Practice, Evaluation & Assessment, Teacher Education and Reflective practitioners.  As part of the ESTABLISH project ten partnering countries brought up to 20 secondary level science teachers to share, discuss and exchange ideas about how to teach and assess using inquiry in the science classroom.

Please browse through the schedule of speakers, presentations, workshops, posters and roundtable discussions for further information about the conference.

A copy of the conference proceedings can be downloaded here.