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What we do ?

Welcome to DCU Sports and Wellbeing. The department has a dual focus and is responsible for the development of Student Sport in DCU and DCU Healthy – a health and wellbeing initiative for students and staff. We aim to achieve DCU’s mission of transforming lives and societies through sport, physical activity and wellbeing. University is a crucial time of transformation for students and it is important to keep active and to proactively manage your health and wellbeing.

Student Sport
Our aim is to offer students a high quality transformative sporting experience in DCU. We offer a myriad of sporting opportunities that will add value to your academic experience whatever your sporting ambitions. If you are interested in getting fit, leading a healthier lifestyle, learning a new sport, making friends with similar interests, running your own sports club, representing DCU in intervarsity competitions or reaching your potential in your sport, then DCU has something to offer you. DCU offers some of the finest sports facilities, programmes and academic courses in the country. So make the most of University life and get active and involved in sport and physical activity at DCU.

DCU Healthy
DCU Healthy is a university wide initiative to promote the optimal health and well-being of the DCU campus community, and to establish DCU as a health promoting university. We aim to develop a culture and learning environment that has health and well-being at the core, encourage collaboration, empower individual responsibility, promote healthy lifestyle choices and develop best practice to inspire healthy behaviours. At DCU we aim to create a campus community where the healthy choice is the easy choice.