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International Journal for Transformative Research

International Journal for Transformative Research - December 2020 issue

The promise of an educational utopia is dangled before us – in spite of decades of evidence that shows that education is always a work in progress, never an end point (e.g. Laurillard, 2008). The papers in the December 2020 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research offer a refreshingly honest alternative to the promise of perfection just over the horizon. All this work shows just how limited a vision of a perfectly engineered future can be. As the papers in this issue demonstrate, unless our ideas about education take into account relationships, culture and ongoing personal growth, we will be left with something brittle, and altogether unable to cope when the world changes in unexpected ways.

The International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) welcomes contributions to the journal from professionals across the world who are already thinking deeply about the transformative outcomes of their inquiries, and have important things to say about it.