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Our mission is to help all students become confident and competent writers at third level and beyond.

NOTE: The Writing Centre is now open for Semester 2. Appointments are available (on a first-come, first-served basis) to book online one week in advance through the calendar at the bottom of this page! 

The Writing Centre offers one-to-one guidance with academic writing to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. The sessions provide students with the opportunity to receive expert advice from a peer tutor. Tutors are studying at PhD level and are trained and supervised by the DCU Student Learning team, who also provide sessions on occasion.  Students may visit the Centre during any stage of the writing process: planning an assignment, writing a first draft, or revising and editing a document. Sessions are booked online and are free of charge.


Upcoming online writing workshops open to all (note: subject to change, please check back regularly):

Videos are available below for any students who cannot attend these live sessions.

Writing Resources

Introduction to Academic Writing

Assignment Writing

Plan your essay

Brainstorm the Question

Analyse the Question




Reflective Writing

English Literature Essay Writing

How to Write a Literature Review

Writing a Research Report

Scientific Writing

Critical Thinking

Critical Writing

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Discover Assignment Writing

Log on to Discover Assignment Writing 24/7 to complete a short interactive course on how to write a clear and  focused academic paper.

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Discover Critical Thinking and Writing

Log on to Discover Critical Thinking and Writing 24/7 to complete a short interactive course to develop your critical thinking and writing skills.

Essentials of Academic Writing


Literature Reviews

Research Report Writing

Writing for the Sciences

Writing for Law Students

Critical Thinking & Writing

Reflective Writing

Book Review or Article Critique

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Writing Feedback

About the Writing Centre

  • For guidance on how to structure an assignment at third level.
  • For advice on how to research and read effectively for an assignment.
  • To discuss difficulties with specific aspects of writing e.g. introductions, conclusions, essay flow or editing.
  • For advice on how to improve writing to move up a grade.

The Writing Centre gathers student feedback after every single appointment. In 2019-20, 92.2% of students rated their appointment as 'excellent'.

Students' comments:

  • "The best one to one teaching ever received."
  • "Brilliant I went in feeling lost and left feeling so positive. Invaluable advice and (the tutor was) so nice."
  • "I found the 'virtual' option extremely handy as I am working full time and studying part time and would struggle to get into DCU for a face to face appointment. The advice given was excellent and I left feeling much more positive and enabled to write my assignment."
  • "I feel that my approach to writing has improved dramatically. I came out with a new and improved perspective."
Photo of Angelos Bollas

Angelos Bollas

Angelos Bollas - specialist in Arts and Humanities.

Angelos is a PhD student at the School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies. 

Photo of Aisling Callan

Aisling Callan

Aisling Callan - specialist in Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Aisling is a PhD student at the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health.

Image of Paula Lehane

Paula Lehane

Paula Lehane - specialist in Education and Psychology.

Paula is a PhD student in the Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education.

Image of Hannah Millington

Hannah Millington

Hannah Millington - specialist in Arts and Humanities.

Hannah is a PhD student in the School of Theology, Philosophy and Music.

Image of Conor Scully

Conor Scully

Conor Scully - specialist in Social Sciences and Education.

Conor is a PhD student at the Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education.

Image of Alicia Menendez-Tarrazo

Alicia Menendez Tarrazo

Dr. Alicia Menendez Tarrazo - specialist in Arts and Humanities.

Alicia is a Student Learning Officer at DCU and coordinates the Glasnevin Campus Writing Centre.

Image of Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy - specialist in Education and Psychology.

Cillian is a Student Learning Officer at DCU and coordinates the St Patrick's Campus Writing Centre.

  • Please have ready your assignment brief and a draft of your work.
  • The Centre is not a proofreading or editing service but rather works with students to strengthen their abilities as writers and encourages them to become editors of their own work.
  • All Writing Centre appointments are currently being offered exclusively online (via video call) due to coronavirus restrictions. This video explains how an online appointment works once you have booked it.
  • Appointments are made using any of the booking calendar links below. Check the online calendar to get the latest updates on availability. Appointment slots open 7 days in advance.
  • Please reschedule or cancel an appointment well in advance if you cannot attend through the links provided in your confirmation email. Students who repeatedly book and cancel appointments at the last minute will lose booking privileges.
  • We advise students to make no more than one appointment per week and a maximum of five per semester. This is to keep the limited number of appointments open to as many students as possible.

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Make an Appointment

All Writing Centre appointments are currently being offered exclusively online (via video call) due to coronavirus restrictions. This video explains how an online appointment works once you have booked it.

Appointment slots open online one week in advance. The Writing Centre is a high-demand service. Students who do not show up to appointments, cancel appointments within 24 hours of their appointment time or book more than one appointment per week may lose booking privileges.

**Please check back regularly, as appointment slots become available due to cancellations**