Student Life

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is the umbrella body for the Students' Union, Clubs and Societies in Dublin City University. It is based in the student Centre - The Hub - which houses its staff and facilities, including meeting rooms, computer facilities, a large venue and many other support services vital for a vibrant student life on campus.

The Office of Student Life aims to promote and enhance the student experience outside the classroom by providing opportunities for student growth and development. The Office works with the University to complement the traditional academic mission, by supporting recognized clubs and societies and the Students' Union and by encouraging creative learning and leadership development.  

It was instrumental in establishing the Uaneen Module, which formally recognises the learning gained by involvement in student activities, and continues to promote and manage this module. For more information on this please see

The OSL also offers an Arts Bursary, which was  was first established in 2009/10. The Arts Bursary is jointly funded by the Office of Student Life and DCU's Educational Trust and aims  to promote excellence in cultural activities at Dublin City University through the award of bursaries to selected students. The awards are given to assist or encourage those students who represent DCU with distinction at national and international level in a performance or art form. 

The Arts Bursary assists individuals who aspire to a high level of achievement and encourages present and future students to identify Dublin City University as an institution promoting excellence in academic and cultural activities. For more information on the Arts Bursary, please see the 'Resources' section at

Each year the Office of Student Life recognises and celebrates the achievements of student Clubs and Societies, class through the Clubs and Socs Awards and the Students' Union Awards.   

Detailed information on all aspects of the OSL can be found at: