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DCU's Leadership & Engagement Module


What is it?

Are you a final year student who has been actively involved in extracurricular activities for the duration of your academic studies in DCU?  Do you want to be recognised and academically accredited for this involvement?  If so, the Uaneen Award could be for you.  

DCU formally recognises and rewards your commitment to extracurricular activities.  The Uaneen Award is a unique scheme that formally recognises the work done and learning acquired by students with University and outside clubs, societies, community work and extracurricular activity in general. 


Why should I register for the Award?

Taking this Award helps you enhance your employability. By completing the module, you will help yourself to identify your leadership skills as you will have had the opportunity to think about the positive characteristics and strengths you have gained through your involvement. The module will allow you to demonstrate and articulate your proactive learning and development through your extracurricular activities.


How do I register for the Award?

Depending on your degree programme, the Uaneen Award can be either a contributing 5 credit elective (UM404) or a non-contributing optional additional 5 credit module (UM405).  The module will be offered to you in final year through your Student Portal page (student registration).


What is included in extracurricular activities?

For the purposes of the Award, extracurricular activities are considered to be: 

•    Sports
•    Clubs
•    Societies
•    Community Involvement
•    Volunteering
•    DCU involvement
•    Travel

Internal and external to DCU

*No work, for any commercial entity, whether paid or unpaid, will be accepted as part of the Uaneen Award.  No business endeavours will be considered for the Uaneen Award.

You cannot draw on any activity where you gain academic credits i.e. academic work, POD’s etc. You may however, to set the context, draw on your placement experiences, Erasmus and part-time employment. 


Who manages the Award?

The Uaneen Award is managed and administered by DCU's Office of Student Life and is endorsed by IBEC. The Uaneen Award is only available to final year students and is a year long programme.  


Where can I get more information?

For full information about the Uaneen Award please go to:


If you have any queries about your eligibility to take the Award, please email: