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Your Guide to the Student Application Portal

This quick reference guide will show you the steps you need to take to access the student application portal, create an application, pay fees and more. Postgraduate Research Students should refer to Registry and Graduate Studies Office pages for information on how to apply for a Postgraduate Research Programme. 

1. Create your Account 

Step 1: To begin your application to a programme starting in January 2024, please visit the DCU Student Application Portal. To begin your application to a programme starting in September 2024, please click here. 

Step 1

Step 2: Create an account by filling out your the mandatory fields. 

Step 2

2. Create your Application 

Step 3: You will be then brought directly to the application form. 


Step 4: Fill out the mandatory fields in the Application form. 


Step 5: Click ‘Save and Continue’ to move to the next tab. Or click ‘Save Application’ to save your form if you wish to exit and complete it at another time.


Step 6: If you wish to apply for a second or third programme, you can do so by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘Send me more information’ to the question ‘Would you like to be considered for additional programmes?’ on the ‘Study Plans’ section of the Application form.

You will then receive an email with details of your voucher code which can be used for the application fee for your second and / or third application.

If you select “No", you will still be able to submit two further applications but you will have to pay the application fee for each additional application.


Step 7: When you reach the final ‘Confirmation’ tab, click the ‘Submit Application’ button to submit your completed Application form. You can preview your submission before submitting by selecting the ‘Preview Before Submission’ button.

Step 6

3. Pay Application Fee

Step 8: On submission of your application, you will see an order summary with details of your application fee. Select ‘Make Online Payment’ to proceed with your application payment.

Applicants who are applying for a second or third programme may have a voucher code / promo code. To use the voucher code you can enter it in the promo code field and select ‘Apply’ to apply the discount to the application fee.

Step 7

Step 9: Enter your payment details

Step 8

Step 10: After inputting your details, you will receive confirmation of your payment and find details of a link to check your application status.

Step 9

4. Supplementary Items


Step 11: If you have supplementary items associated with your application, the status of the application may read ‘Action Required’.

Click on ‘View’ to see the supplementary items associated with the application.

International Applications email

Step 12: Click on ‘Choose Files’ to select the supplementary item files and ‘Upload’ to submit each one.

Step 11

Step 13: When you return to your ‘My Account’ page, the status of your application should now be at ‘Submitted’.

An e-mail will be issued to you noting that your application has been received.

Step 13 International Office email


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